Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Welcome to the contest! Challenge 1

Hi there!

Here we have our first weekly challenge!

It consists of a weekly activity. I will propose you a challenge on Tuesdays... you will have time to participate in it through the comments in this blog until next Sunday night... and on Mondays we will have the solution and the winners of the week.

The 3 winners (the 3 faster, the 3 more original, or the best 3... it depends on the kind of challenge) will have a positive!

So... this is the first challenge!

You have to tell me:

What is it?

Where can you find it?

Who did it?


  1. I'm David
    -It is the Palatine Chapel,the emperors throne was here,until the 16th century was the place where emperors were crowned
    -It is in Aachen,Germany
    -It was built by Charlemagne using materials from roman momuments

  2. it is the palatine Chapel you can find in Germany it si bult by Charlemagne

  3. It is The Palatine Chapel. We can find it in Germany. It was built by Charlemagne.
    Micaela Alaguero