Monday, 21 December 2015

Winners Challenge 8


As we are so close to Christmas... everyone participating has a positive in this challenge! My present.. :P

I like especially the ones from David, Laura, Martín and Patricia, congrats :)

And I am giving you an idea... you could ask Santa to bring you the book we are going to read in the second term... Ferdinand and Isabella, by Simon Baskett, from Oxford Trekkers.

I don't know if it is easy to find in La Virgen or León, if not, you can just buy it online in Amazon .

Monday, 14 December 2015

Challenge 8


This is the last challenge in this first term...

I wait for your letters to Santa Claus... you can ask for maximum 3 things! Be original!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Winners challenge 7

I think you haven't been so original... it's difficult to choose from!

So... the winners this week are:

The most original... DAVID:

It is the third day that anybody knows about my disguise,it is a very good way to get fish without having to catch them.
I would eat as i can before they discover muy cover.


If this bear could speak he say: I don't remember why I'm here.


Bubu, Where is the food of this picnic?

Tomorrow we will have the last challenge of this term! Be ready!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Challenge 7

Hi there!

I'm delayed this week... but here you have the new challenge!

I translate for you:

Si este oso pudiera hablar... ¿qué diría?

Use your imagination... the 3 most creative, original or funny win!

The best superheroes... winners Challenge 6!

And the winners are...


If i could be a superhero, I would like to be Phoenix, a woman with telekinetic powers who is able to enter in the thoughts of the people and change them. I think that nowadays it is necessary to enter in the mind of some people to prevent hurt for their religion or policies.


I would like to be a superhero who can travel in the time and that can stop the time... but me and the people which I wanted could move, because I could stay with that people  and I could spend the time doing every activity I wanted...

VÍCTOR: (No uses traductor!)

The power of moving myself through the time, because I would know what is going to happen before happening so I can pass all the exams!!!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Challenge 6

Hi there,

Here we have challenge number 6... You have no hurry this time... it's about originality!