Friday, 23 May 2014


Next Monday you will have done:

-Summary or diagram about this video (lo reviso cuaderno por cuaderno y cuenta como trabajo presentado o no presentado):

-Exercises 3 and 4 on pages 122-23.

-All the terms done!

Next Tuesday:

-Last maps chance for those who have failed.

And finally, the video (en español) to review the Greek lesson: (voluntario, pero merece la pena!)

Monday, 19 May 2014

World Project

Hi guys,

Next Challenge will be published tomorrow... and REMINDER: Do not forget to get your last exam mark signed by your parents!

We have all of them, so tomorrow TUESDAY 20th May we will vote the 3 best projects!

Each student has 3 votes. Votes will be secret. Think about your favourites... and try to be fair!

PROCESO: Cada uno pone en trozo de papel sus 3 proyectos favoritos (con el número solamente), y lo dobla (voto secreto y anónimo), Lori y yo recogeremos todos los votos y los contaremos.
Los que incluyan nombres o alguno de los proyectos excluidos serán considerados papeletas nulas, no cuentan.


1 - Name:Longins. Capital: Sweceline. 
Geohrafical features: a volcano (active), a beach, 
an island, and ocean and a maeitime cave
People and animals: like us.

2 - Name - faceland. Capital-noseeye. Animals -like ours. It has 2 
mountain ranges, one lake, two rivers, one beach, one plain and four oceans.

3 - My continent is called New Future , its capitol is Amazing.
It has got five countries Fishland, which has five rivers, Limba which has got one mountain range, the highest mount in the continent and one river, Lightland which has got one desert, one river and one mountain range, Microsland which has got one small desert, two rivers, one mountain range and an archipelago, and Amazing which has got one river and the second highest mount in the continent. There are one sea that separates Limba and Lightland, and an ocean that surrounds all the continent. 

4 - In my world there are gegraphical features such as the
sea, caves, volcano, mountains, island and beach. The
capital is City Sea. The climate is hot all year round.


5 - My world is called Sogima. There are eight geographical features:
the Frog mountains, the Ekal lake, Recoleto beach, a forest, a river,
the Corky mountain range (with a ski station), a cave and an active
volcano. People have just one leg, one eye and anthens.


7 - My world is called Ananás, and the people are the
Ananienses. The continent is called Yako, and the
ocean Sol Ocean. There is a mountain range called
Kassy Mountain Range, an island called Chica Island,
a lake called Collado lake, a river called Eppy river,
and a volcano called Danko. Animals are like in the Earth
and people do the same as in the Earth too.


8 - My world is called Rimax, it has five geographical features:
an active volcano, a beautiful beach, a mountain, a river and
the city.

9 - History: In this island animals, plants and small creatures that are called The Hula -Hula live together. But there is a big problem because all animals are white and the flora is colourful. For example the mountains are purple, red or yellow. The animals have envy towards flora so they started to eat the plants in order to obtain colour in their bodies. The island is darker. The Hula-Hula don't want a dark island so they travel to The Great Desert and they found The Forget flower (a flower that if you smell you forget the past competitions). They get that all animals smell the flower and animals stop to eat the flora. The island is colourful another time.
Name of my Island: Conogu. Capital: It doesn't hava because Hula-Hula don't want a capital.
Main characteristics: The colour and a lot of geographical features: Archipelago-Island-Paeninsula-Ocean-Sea-Desert-Plateau-Geyser-Clifts-Beaches- Hills-Mountains-Mountain Range-Volcano-River-Gulf-Cape-Delta-Waterfall. Climate: Varied

10 - Name: Limax. Capital: World of San Aarón. Geographical features: mountain range (Acapulco), island, river, and caves where the fishes live. Climate: cold in winter and hot in summer. People are like us and live in a town behind the mountains surrounded by a forest.
11 - GORIA (NERLINE) My country is called Goria. It’s a peninsula. It’s surrounded by the South Sea. Its capital is in the Northeast and its name is Nerline. There is an archipelago called Quintillo and it’s formed by 5 small islands. It has got also a Cape called Bick, a Gulf called Gury and a lot of big and large beaches.
There is a big Mountain Range in the North, called Nender Mountain Range, a plateau in the West that goes from North to South. In the middle of the peninsula there is a big depression, a large river called Sunny River and in the Northeast there is a small river called Fast River. Also, in the NE there is a big lake called Kimbal Lake.


12 - My country is called Sweetland. His capital is the Cupcake and the capital of Cupcake is sweet cup. Their climate is desert,alpine,polar,mediterranean and and equatorial so their climates are very hot or very cold. Their history is that one day an astronaut had some sweet in his spaceship but one day the spaceship exploded but whit the sweets, the planet Sweetland was created. People are the gumi bears that became alive and inhabit the planet .

13 - My archipelago is located in Indonesia and it is called Olbap. 
There are 3islands, the largest has a town called Nanref the capital. 
On this island there is a great mountain peak: The Lukano, surrounded by Gurupa river,
which flows into the Sea of Pennyroyal. 
A good place to rest is also Ulaula beach
not far from the village, and from there Ancut volcano eruptions are contemplated. 

Finally LACUFA the great lake, surrounded by a large green area. 

14 - NAME: Irebi and the Itug capital. It has 3 different types of climate: in the Northern Alpine, in the southwestern part of Tropical and desert southeastern part. You have: 1 (the highest peak in the world) "ONELET" - 1 "ARUAL" Lake -  1 small forest "LAGENTO" - 1 range (the only one in the world) "SEREJAP" 
1 River (just drag water when it snows at the peak) "ROLAS" - 1 (not the active) volcano "RIVEN". The person living in three different families the main in the House more gandre and the other two in the middle. They are very affectionate and noble among if. THIS IS MY WORLD!!!!

15 - In Suyama there are only one Oceans which are quite similar to each other,
and climate in this area is quite warm. The capital Mossley is between the two rivers and near to the mountains, where it rains in abundance. In the center of Suyama is located an enormous desert of white stones, where it never rains. People of Suyama are very small and similar to us, they are mostly dedicated to maintain a clean planet , and for that reason it is good to live there. There is a lake called Lonely Lake and it is located in the western part of the desert.

16- My world is called Circot there are 5 continents 
and one of them with a small archipelago. In each 
continent there are different climates. The people and 
the animals are like in the Earth.

17 - Name: Dalilu. Capital: Liluca. Geographical features: peninsula, archipelago, mountains, oceans, beach, river, and volcano. Climate: in the beach it's very hot but in the mountains it is cold. The only animals are fishes, the rest became extinct. People live in other island and are similar to us.

19 - Name: Biticy. Geographical features: 2 rivers, 1 lake, 1 ocean, 1 beach, 1 mountain peak,
2 mountain ranges. Climate: in winter it always rains, and in summer it is very hot and sometimes it rains.

20 - Name: Robledo. Geographical features: rivers, mountains, lakes,
archipelagos, islands, peaks and a gulf. Climate: hot and dry in the north, and
tropical and equatorial in the south. It is inhabited only by animals, and
they are like ours.


21 - the name is clytosy , the capital is izanite , it has 13 geographical 
features , it has 13 provinces , the people are tortles which are made of looms

22 - My world: His name is NatParadise, that means Nature Paradise
Its capital is New Tropolis
It has 4 dfferent climates
People is more responsable with their arounds
And it has more than 6 geografical features


23 - Name: Hopeland. Geographical features: 3 mountains
ranges, 1 peak, 1 lake, 1 cape, 1 bay, 1 sea, 1 river, 1 desert
and 1 valley. People are like us, but don't fight between them,
there are no wars, people are friendly, and respect the law.

24 - My archipelago is called Orolo Colon. They have 4 islands and the capital that is the biggest island.The capital is called Molono. It is situated in the centre of the archipelago. My world only has three rivers but has a desert with a small oasis, it has many forests, three mountains ranges with sky station and a volcano too.

25 - My world is called Tunau and his capital is Yakun. Their people can walk on four feet and their work consists of doing that all of the world are good and without pollution. The animals are in the world without rules because there aren't dangerous. In my world there are seven geographical features: 1.- A cliff that is called Rosbake. 2.- Three mountains that are called Ludum, Mudul and Dumul. 3.- A volcano that is called Stem. 4.- A river that is called Cevaneum. 5.- A island that is called Tamorz. 6.- A lake that is called Crerao. 7.- A beach that is called Satama. There are a forest that is called Iraut. 



Thursday, 15 May 2014

Unit 10 - Terms and vocabulary

We will check the terms next week... Prepare them in the weekend!

And here you have the link to the vocabulary (you can find it also in Edmodo).

Minoan civilization
Mycenaean civilization
Greek civilization
Classical Greece
Battle of Marathon
Delian League
Peloponnesian war
Greek citizen
Classical order

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Exam on Monday 12th May - Unit 9 + maps

Remember... Unit 9 + Political maps of Asia and America.

If you have any doubt, please tell me! Here in comments or through Edmodo :-)

Be ready when I arrive so we don't waste time!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Tutankhamen works

As an example of good job done, I choose the one by Michelle, maybe it is not the best one, but it is one of the better ones... it is an example of simple, clear, and nice work, and with music!
(some little corrections were made from the original)
Enjoy it!