Monday, 30 November 2015

Winners Challenge 5


The correct answer was:

1- Mount Fuji, in Japan (check the book from last year!)
2- Amazon river, in Brazil (South America).
3- Macedonia, Skopje.

And the winners this week are... Micaela, Pablo and Patricia! Congrats!

Tomorrow a new challenge arrives!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

2º - Unit 3 Terms

In this Unit we have only 10 terms! So let prepare them quite good, ok?
We will check them next Tuesday, 1st December.

Crop rotation
Hanseatic league
trade fairs
bill of exchange
charter of liberty
(medieval) Parliament

Challenge 5

Here you have the fifth challenge!

This week you have time to participate until Sunday night!  and it is so important to be quick! Because just the 3 first pupils who have the 3 questions correct will be the winners!

So... Answer these questions! Guess... or investigate!

1- What is it? and in which country is it located? (the mountain, not the temple!)

2- Where is it? and what river is it?

3- This flag belongs to... which country? and which is its capital city?

Monday, 23 November 2015

Winners Challenge 4

Hi there!

Thanks again for participating....

These are my 3 best archeologists!


If I were an archeologist I would like to find the bones of my deceased great gandfather, he died in the Civil War.

If I were an archeologist I would want to find the rests of an UFO with jemelry of other planets.
If that could happen we would know that there is life in other planets.


What I would like to find if I were an archeologist, is a egypcian sarcophagus of an important pharaoh. Because I love Egypcian civilization, when I was a child I took hieroglyphs lessons, they were very interesting. I learnt a lot of Egyptian civilization!

Well done everyone!!!

Attention... tomorrow Tuesday new challenge!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Challenge 4

This new challenge is about originality, so take your time!

If you were an archeologist, 
what would you like to find and why?

Monday, 16 November 2015

Challenge 3 - Solution and winners


The right answer was:

1- Canada
2- Guadalajara
3- Cathedral of Burgos

And the winners this week are... Micaela, Luis, and Sara, congratulations!!

Thanks for participating to you all!

Take care... this was not the Léon cathedral! our cathedral is the best, you know... they are so different, look at them:


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Challenge 3

Hi there!

Here we have the new weekly challenge!

The first 3 students who get it right will win a positive!

1- Tell which country is the owner of this flag:

2- This shape belongs to... which province in Spain?

And 3- Where can you find this building??

Monday, 9 November 2015

Challenge 2, winners


Last week winners were Víctor and David, the only participants.

And this week, we have the 3 most original ones (from my point of view...):

Sara: (there are some mistakes in writing...)

"I could be a tiger; because they are so cute and they've got a beautiful orange and black fur. White tigers, too; of course. They run a lot ! To eat. And I could be on the savannah with other animals like giraffes, elephnts, lions..."

or this one?
Pablo (cause I did not know this animal Petauro!):

"I would like to be a Petauro because they like a lot sweet food and they live in the night and sleep during the day and they can glide like a fly squirrel".

Petauro is sugar glider in English
and Martín:

"If I could be an animal I would be an eagle because I would like to fly like they and see the lanscapes that they can see.Also I think that is an animal very quick and nimble. It is an animal very beautiful and very clever. Also I want to be he because I want to see the customs that they have".

Tomorrow we will have a new challenge in the blog!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

2º - Unit 2 Terms

You can start defining these terms for Unit 2 in your notebook. We will check them next Tuesday 10 November.
So you have several days to work in them, prepare them properly!

Terms - Unit 2 Feudal Society

fief or manor
privileged estates
secular clergy
regular clergy
miniature (illuminated manuscript)
fallow system
Bayeux tapestry