Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Challenge 22

Hi there!

Be original... what does this picture suggest you??

Make up a brief story you imagine about it...


  1. This paper contains the answer for all the exams, it was thrown to the sea to help other people in class but if you have it you would have bad luck until you have 40

  2. This bottle was written by 2 boys and arrived at an island that live a person that was missing. He answer the note and thanks fot this he was founded.
    I am pablo

  3. In the paper of this mystery bottle, it`s wrote:
    15th August 2005,Norway
    Hi! I`m a Agathe.
    I`m archeologist, and I`m searching new bodies of the past. Today, I found a mandibule of a extrange animal. I don`t lnow what is it, but I can`t say anything to anybody because I found it in a place in which I haven`t power. I enter in other property with very good soil. What can I do? I need help, because I want to continue to dig, but if the police knowns this, I will be arrested. HEPL ME!

    Micaela Alaguero 2ºB

  4. This picture suggests to me, that the bottle will contain a history in the message, it could be a pirate history, a love history, a murder, the map of a tresure, etc. It was probably thrown, because the person who throws it wanted that someone read it.