Monday, 14 December 2015

Challenge 8


This is the last challenge in this first term...

I wait for your letters to Santa Claus... you can ask for maximum 3 things! Be original!


  1. Dear Santa, can you bring me this three things?
    1st- Two eggs of dodo.
    2nd- A seed of black rose.
    3rd- A machine that allows me to talk to animal.
    By Luis

  2. dear santa i have got some questions:

    1.-why you don't send presents to the childrens of the third world?
    2.-where you go on holidays In Summer?
    3.-are you obese to don't have cold?

    by patricia

  3. Dear Santa i would like a board game , a new mobile phone and nothing more by Alba Santalla

  4. 1 play station 4
    2 a laptop
    3 a smart watch
    Rafael herrero

  5. Hello Santa
    This year only I want health and be with my family.

  6. Dear Santa:
    I would love if you give me an amazing 2016.
    This year also I hope you can visit all my family, so they can receive all what they want.They are the best so give to they anything special!

    I leave milk and cookies for you in the kitchen so don't forget to take them.
    Martín Martino Fdez.

  7. Dear santa for this Christmas i want:
    -I want that you eat the sweets that i leave to you under my Christmas tree that always remain there
    -I want you explain me how do you enter in my house because i haven't got a chimney
    -I want you to come everyday to my room with presents but only to my room