Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Challenge 7

Hi there!

I'm delayed this week... but here you have the new challenge!

I translate for you:

Si este oso pudiera hablar... ¿qué diría?

Use your imagination... the 3 most creative, original or funny win!


  1. If this bear could speak he say: I don't remember why I'm here.
    By Luis

  2. Bubu,Were is the food of this picnic?

  3. I'm hungry , someone can bring me some honey and bread to fill my tummy that is empty and need filling🐻🍯🍞
    Olaya Gutiérrez García 2*B

  4. If this bird could speak he says to the humans that the bears are in danger of extintion, and the humans have to help them.
    By Alba Diez.

  5. Can I eat please? I'm hungry. My name is Boogy and I have 5 years. I am very greedy. jaja

  6. If a bear would speak say:

    -you can take me out of the forest ,but never,you can take the forest of my mind

    "let the animals live freerly"

    by patricia arias

  7. If the food dont come sooni will eat the foresters!!!

    Victor Cubillas Guerra 2ºB

  8. It is the third day that anybody knows about my disguise,it is a very good way to get fish without having to catch them.
    I would eat as i can before they discover muy cover.