Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Challenge 5

Here you have the fifth challenge!

This week you have time to participate until Sunday night!  and it is so important to be quick! Because just the 3 first pupils who have the 3 questions correct will be the winners!

So... Answer these questions! Guess... or investigate!

1- What is it? and in which country is it located? (the mountain, not the temple!)

2- Where is it? and what river is it?

3- This flag belongs to... which country? and which is its capital city?


  1. 1-It is the park Arakuyarama Sengen of Fujiyoshida. It is located in Japan.
    2- River Amazon in the south os America.
    3-This flag is from Mcedonia. Its capital is Skopje.
    By: Micaela Alaguero

  2. 1- Is the mount Fuji. We can found them in Japan.
    2- Is located in America. Is the river mississippi.
    3- The flag belongs to the country of Macedonia. Its capital city is Skopie.
    By Luis Martínez

  3. 1- Is the mount Fuji and is located un Japan
    2-Is one of the 7 natural wonders of The world andis The amazon river
    3-Is the flag of Macedonia and his capital is skopie
    Soy Pablo cosmen

    1. ok but... you miss where the Amazon river is!

  4. 1.-It is Fuji Mount in the island of Honshu,Japan
    2.-It is Amazon in South America
    3.-is from Macedonia , capital Skopie.

    By patricia arias

  5. 1-Toshogu sanctuary in Tokio
    2-Amazone river in Cuba,Colombia and Brasil
    3-Macedonia capital Skopie

  6. Sorry Rocio is the Yakusuni sanctuary the first in Tokio,Japan

  7. I'm Sara.
    1- Is a blossom forest in Japan.
    2- Is the river Amazonas in Brazil.
    3- Is the flag of Macedonia which his capital city is Skopie

  8. 1 This is a house, it is located in Japan.
    2 This river is located in the Amazon Jungle, it is the Amazon River.
    3 This flag is from Argentina, its capital is Buenos Aires.
    Alba Diez.

    1. Number 3 is worng... number 1 imprecise...

  9. 1-The volcano Fujii in Japan.
    2-The Amazonas river.It is in Brasil.

  10. (Martín Martino)

  11. 1-Mount Fuji in Japan
    2-Amazone river un Peru,Colombia and Brasil
    3-Macedonia capital un Skopje

  12. 1-monte fuji
    2-Brasil.el río amazonas
    Rafael Herrero Peláez

  13. The first is the Fuji mount,in Japan.The second is the Amazon river,located in South America,and finally the flag of the Macedonian Republic,capital city Skopje

    Victor Cubillas Guerra 2ºB