Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Challenge 4

This new challenge is about originality, so take your time!

If you were an archeologist, 
what would you like to find and why?


  1. If I am an arqueologist I want to find the rests of a UFO with jemelry of other planets.
    If that could pass we would know that there are life in other planets.
    Martín Martino Fdez-2A.

  2. i like to find a new precious rock because in the moment that you find, them you know that you will became millonaire!

    Victor Cubillas Guerra

  3. I would like to find if I were an archeologist, is a egypcian sarcophagus of an important pharaoh. Because I love Egypcian civilization when I was child I took hieroglyphs lessons, they were very interesting. I learnt a lot of Egyptian civilization!
    I'm Sara

  4. I want to find a new herbivorous dinosaur because I would like people to know new Living things in history

    Olaya Gutiérrez García

  5. im went an archeoligst because i want to learned about very interesting thinks and i want to find the missing link because is a very mystery think for my and for the sciene or a new species of dinosaur because there were more species for discover in the all of world

    Hector Tagarro

    1. A lot of mistakes in writing... take care! use more time to think before writiing :)
      Good ideas :)

  6. If I were an archaeologist I would like to answer three questions are who? Where? and why? I would like to find the first living being on Earth who? I. where? in Spain in the province of León in the village of our Lady of the road. why? because I would like that this people like Spain was remembered for this and have the privilege of being the first archaeologist have found that discovery and be remembered over the years

    patricia arias

  7. If I were an archeologist I would to find a vase antique, because I want decarate my room.
    Laura Alonso 2°A

  8. I would discover the bones of a dinosaur never discovered because i like them

  9. I want to descovered an neanderthalensis skeleton , because they was the first evolution of humans that can comunicate among them

    by Victoria Eugenia Garcia Castro

  10. If I was an archeologist i would like to find bones of my deceased great grandfather that dead un the Guerra Civil
    I am pablo

  11. I hope you and your family have the chance to find him!