Monday, 9 November 2015

Challenge 2, winners


Last week winners were Víctor and David, the only participants.

And this week, we have the 3 most original ones (from my point of view...):

Sara: (there are some mistakes in writing...)

"I could be a tiger; because they are so cute and they've got a beautiful orange and black fur. White tigers, too; of course. They run a lot ! To eat. And I could be on the savannah with other animals like giraffes, elephnts, lions..."

or this one?
Pablo (cause I did not know this animal Petauro!):

"I would like to be a Petauro because they like a lot sweet food and they live in the night and sleep during the day and they can glide like a fly squirrel".

Petauro is sugar glider in English
and Martín:

"If I could be an animal I would be an eagle because I would like to fly like they and see the lanscapes that they can see.Also I think that is an animal very quick and nimble. It is an animal very beautiful and very clever. Also I want to be he because I want to see the customs that they have".

Tomorrow we will have a new challenge in the blog!

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