Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Challenge 2 continues this week...

As just 2 people have participated, challenge 2 continues this week also... If you don't participate, this should be also the last one... you decide.

This is the challenge number 2... The winners will be the most original or funny ones... not the quickest...

So think about it before writing!

I translate you the question... just in case...

Si pudieras ser un animal por un día.... cuál serías y porqué?


  1. I could like to be a fly because they disturb a lot and i like to disturb.It's very funny


  2. A cockroach, because if cut me the head i can survive 3 días without them,i can survive a nuclear attack and stay a month without food and drink .

    Victor Cubillas Guerra.

  3. If I could be an animal I would be an eagle because I would like to fly like they and see the lanscapes that they can see.
    Also I think that is an animal very quick and nimble.
    It is an animal very beautiful and very clever.
    Also I want to be he because I want to see the customs that they have.
    *Martín Martino Fernández*

  4. I'd be a dog because I have one and is very clever and very cute. I have a great, they are very fun
    Soy Laura Alonso 2°A

  5. I would like a Petauro because they like a lot sweet food and they live in the nihgt and sleep during the day and they can glide like a fly squirrel.
    Soy Pablo

  6. I would be a black kite . Because it could go anywhere without any worries. By Luis.

  7. I'm Sara. I could be a tiger; because they are so cute and they've got a beautiful orange and black fur. White tigers, too; of course. They run a lot ! To eat. And I could be on the savannah with other animals like giraffes, elephnts, lions...

  8. A dog because I like dogs a lot . By Olaya G G 2 ESO B

  9. I would be a bird because I want fly and see everything from the sky.
    By:Alba Diez