Tuesday, 23 September 2014

2º - Church of San Juan de Baños - Visigothic Art

Interior of San Juan de Baños
Plan of the Chuch of San Juan de Baños

Exterior of San Juan de Baños (Palencia)
This is the Visigothic Church we were talking about in last class, so for the exam, we have both, San Pedro de la Nave (in the book), and San Juan de Baños here in the blog.

And also you have here the capital of Daniel in the Lion's Den, from San Pedro de la Nave.

Visigothic architecture 

The art produced during this period is largely the result of local Roman traditions combined with Byzantine influences. 

Some of the characteristics of their architecture are:
  1. Generally basilican in layout, sometimes a Greek cross plan or, more rarely, a combination of the 2. 
  2. The spaces are highly compartmentalised. 
  3. Usually short and wide in elevation. 
  4. Horseshoe arches. 
  5. A rectangular, exterior apse. 
  6. Use of columns and pillars with Corinthian capitals of unique design. 
  7. The architecture was small in scale, but its masonry work was excellent. 
  8. Decoration commonly of animal or plant motifs. Ornamental sculpture was a distinctive feature of these churches. 
  9. Little and small windows that makes the interior dark.

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