Monday, 17 March 2014

Make your own world - PROJECT - NEW DATES UPDATED

Make your own WORLD project

• Deadline: You have to hand in your project the same day you present it.
• We will have small group discussions throughout the term so you can brainstorm with your classmates.

1.) Create a new place - country, world, planet, universe!
2.) Give it a name and capitol
3.) It has to have 5 geographical features
4.) Make a drawing of your new world 
5.) Give a small presentation of your project at the end of the term

 Questions for the presentation:
1.) How does the geographical features on your world affect the climate and people there?
2.) What is life like in your world?
3.) What do the people look like there?
4.) What do people do there?
5.) Is your world a good place to live? Why or why not?

 Most of all Have Fun!!!

25 March: Héctor, Ángel, Alberto, Mireia, Sara and Michelle.
26 March: Aarón, Pablo F., Diego, Marina, Silvia and Paula.
2 April: Borja, Laura, Pablo G., Alejandro I., Carla y Luisa.
8 April: Zaira, Iván, Izan, Miguel, Irene, Alejantro T. and María.

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