Wednesday, 24 October 2012

3º - Web Task 1 and 2 - Unit 3 POLITICAL ORGANIZATION

Here you have Web Task 1, we are going to work on it next Tuesday 30th October with Jon, ok?
So please prepare your tasks and ideas or vocabulary you think that will be necessary for talking about Erasmus Porgramme.

Web task 1: the Erasmus programme

Erasmus is the European Union exchange programme for students in higher education.
This programme is named after the Dutch philosopher Erasmus of Rotterdam and it is also an acronym that stands for European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students.

Use the links below to answer these questions:
• What are some benefits of the Erasmus experience?
• Would you like to participate in the programme? Why?


And we have to prepare Web task 2 as well, probably for next week (Jon will give you more information tomorrow).

Web task 2: Political groups

The European Parliament members are directly elected by the citizens of the EU. Elections are held every five years. The latest elections were in June 2009. The present parliament has 736 members, from all 27 EU countries, who do not sit in national blocks, but in seven Europe-wide political groups.

Use the links below to answer these questions:
• What political groups are there in the European Parliament?
• What political groups do the Spanish political parties belong to?


The European Parliament political groups:

The Spanish members of the European Parliament: Click on the numbers of each political group to get a file for each member of the European Parliament


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